Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Northern Pintail in Habitat

I got this image at the reservoir last week. Ducks are extremely hard to shoot here which is a shame because there are so many species. So when this pintail floated by a hundred yards or so away, I decided to make a environment sort of image by including the reeds in the background and making the duck small in the frame. Maybe not a great shot for some, but a decent shot of a pintail is better than no shot of a pintail I say! Anyway, the weather here continues to jump from warm to cool, as Christmas approaches this weekend we should get down to the 40's and 50's, not near the temps we were seeing a year ago when we had all of that snow.
I hope that you enjoy this shot.

Image Data:
1/320th. | f/8 | ISO 200
click image to view larger.
note: I think it needs a bit of rotation, I will fix that later.

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