Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy December

Sorry for the recent lack of posts everyone. Truth is that I haven't been out shooting in a couple of weeks, or at least it seems that long. I have been pretty busy getting some of my photos ready for the FW Nature Center. They will be displaying them in their visitors center during the month of December, which is pretty neat. I do hope to get out this week as I have been very restless to go and shoot somewhere. For now, here is a photo that I took back in January, which I know that I posted then but have since re-processed it. This was taken during the second of the two snowstorms that we had last winter. Two snowfalls in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in winter is very rare, we are more familiar with sleet which is not as fun as the white stuff! Hard to imagine that it is already December, the year has certainly flown by. Anyway, Happy December to all and I hope to be posting a lot more this month than I have been recently.

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