Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Wood Duck

Here is one more image of a wood duck that is probably one of my favorites I got a few weeks ago. There were about 3 wood ducks perched on this tree limb overhanging the pond at the botanic gardens and getting a clean image of one was a small challenge. This one turned out the best despite the not perfect head turn. I cloned out a small cluster of OOF (out of focus) leaves on the lower left corner and worked on the eye some as it suffered from steel eye caused by the flash. Hoping to get out for some duck photography very soon as I have just purchased a pair of chest waders that I am anxious to try out.

1/160. | F/8 | ISO 2000 | Fill Flash
click image to view larger size.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Wood Duck

Here is another image from last Thursday. I was happy when this one wood duck hopped onto a small rock overhanging the pond that he and the other 4 or so ducks were in and posed there for about 10 minutes allowing me to get some images. Once again, I was limited to a slightly higher than desired shooting angle due to garden rules, but actually it worked out in my favor as the water colors make for a nice background, I think.

1/200 | f/8 | ISO 1250 | Fill Flash