Saturday, February 18, 2012

American Goldfinch III

1/400 | f/8 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

How about another goldfinch image? I took this one on this rainy morning using a different perch which I set up earlier this week. I think this is my favorite goldfinch image I have taken so far. I am still trying to get a shot with two birds on the same perch, but it just hasn't happened yet. Doing set-ups is pretty fun and I have some new ideas I want to try. If anyone here wants to get into set-up photography, I highly recommend Alan Murphy's "Guide to Songbird Set-up Photography", available here. It is very helpful and really got me inspired while reading it.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

American Goldfinch II

1/200 | f/8 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

Here is a image I got yesterday, it was pretty chilly and overcast outside, but there were a lot of goldfinches at the feeders begging to be photographed. So I found and set up a new perch, but only managed to get one image that I liked. I am hoping that they will stay around for just a little while longer because I have a few other perch ideas I would like to try.
For now, I hope everyone likes this one.

Friday, February 10, 2012

American Goldfinch

1/500 | f/8 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

I shall take a step back and give everyone a break from the Burrowing Owl images for now. Here is a shot taken on Wednesday of a American Goldfinch from my backyard. I have three goldfinch feeders in my yard to support the 30+ finches I have been seeing this winter and next to one of them I have been placing some perches for them to use. I still have not found a perch that I really like, but am still happy with this image anyway. The skies were overcast, which seems to be happening to me often these days! You can see in the image that the feathers on the finch are beginning to turn more yellow in preparation for their departure north.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Burrowing Owl III

1/80 | f/8 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

1/100 | f/8 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

Yep, more of the burrowing owl! Went back to see it on Monday and was glad to find that it is doing well and survived the heavy rains we had last week. I went hoping that I would get some great evening light, but got heavy cloud cover instead. I took a few more images, but am still looking for some in better light and new settings or poses. I will hopefully get to go back again next week, until then here are two from Monday.

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