Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good to be out Shooting Again

I received my telephoto lens from Canon on Tuesday from being repaired and went out to the reservoir last evening to see if the shorebirds have arrived and they have! There were about 4-5 Sandpipers, like the one pictured, which I am having a hard time identifying. I think that they are Pectoral's, but am not 100% sure. There were also 2 Greater Yellowlegs and about 10 Dowitchers that flew overhead multiple times but I could never find them on the ground.
I am hoping to get out there again a couple more times this weeekend. I also will try to get out to the Village Creek beds and Nature Center next week. Hope you like this one.

Image Data:
1/250s. | f/8 | ISO 250 | Flash EV-2 1/3
Canon 7D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maple Leaf on Bark

Going through some files from my trip to Acadia NP last October, and came across this one that I previously didn't pay much attention to at first but has grown on me.
Hope you like it!

Image Data:
1/100s. | f/2.8 | ISO 400
Canon EF-S 60mm

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leaves in Brook

Here is one from last fall when my family and I visited Acadia National Park in Maine. It took 6 months for me to decide that I like this image! I took it at a brook that was near the cottage we were staying at. Tell me what you think! Also, I thought I would mention that one of my images has been featured on the Natures Best Photography Blog. If you want, you can see it here.

Image Data:
1 sec. | f/13 | ISO 100 | Circular Polarizer
Canon 40D | 17-55mm

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mallard + More Gear Problems

I went out to the reservoir yesterday evening hoping to see and even more hopeful to photograph the small flock of Wilson's Snipe that I flushed last time I was there. See them I did, photograph them I did not. They flew over head and to a distant marshy area, I made my way over there but they flew off before I was even close enough to be the culprit of scaring them, so not sure what did. So I had to content myself with this cooperative Mallard. I love how the evening light really brings out the green on his head. This is probably the last bird photo I will take for awhile due to having problems with my 100-400mm zoom. It is extremely hard to zoom and am told it is a out of round barrel, a very common problem with this lens and will have to be fixed by Canon. All of this camera repair is delaying my shooting of the spring bird activity.
Oh well, hopefully it will not take too long and I can have it back soon and it won't cost a bundle. That's hoping anyway...

Image Data:
1/500s. | f8 | ISO 200
Canon 7D
Click image for larger size.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Savannah Sparrow

Glad to have my 40D back with me and working correctly, I headed out to the reservoir on Friday to see if any spring migrants have shown up. I did not see much except the swallows that are back occupying their nests under the freeway bridge. I did flush about 10 Dowitchers ( I think ) and was pretty upset about that! I will try to find them again next time. I decided to see if I could get some photos of the sparrows that are still around and was glad to get this somewhat cooperative Savannah Sparrow. Since I could not get any closer, I tried to get some shots including the environment. I am not overly happy with this one and am anxious to get back there and see if I can get some better ones. I will hopefully go out tomorrow for some shooting but am not sure where yet.
Stay tuned!

Image Data:
1/800s. | f/8 | ISO 200
Canon 40D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Canada Goose

Here is another shot taken with the new 7D that arrived on Tuesday. My brothers and I were driving past the city park yesterday when I noticed a pair of Canada Geese wandering around. I didn't have time to stop and get any photos but decided to come back today and see if they were still there. Sure enough, they were foraging not far from the playground. I was able to easily approach them and get some nice portraits. The 7D continues to impress, AF is very acurate and makes my slow 100-400mm lens a tad faster. Hopefully the geese will stick around and I can get some more interesting images. Hope you like this one.

Image Data:
1/2000s. | f/8 | ISO 400
Canon 7D | 100-400mm