Friday, October 16, 2009

Herring Gull - Acadia National Park, Maine

Hello All,
Well, we arrived back home from Acadia National Park on Wednesday night. We had a great time hiking some trails and small mountains, although my two brothers and sister did make it up Cadillac mountain, very impressive! The fall colors were just beautiful. I took loads of photos, but nothing very exciting. I never really went out to just take photos, I was just having fun hiking and stuff with my family and didn't want to bore them while I stayed in one spot waiting for "the perfect shot"! The weather wasn't ideal for the shots I had in mind anyway. I saw quite a few birds, but as I stated, the weather was not very cooperative! We are planning our trip for next year and cannot wait to return. Anyway, this image ( one of the only decent ones ) was taken on Otter Cliff, I believe, of a Herring Gull. Otter Cliff is also where I saw some Common Eiders for the first time but alas, no photos. I cannot wait to return next year!
I hope that you like it.

Specs: 1/500ths. | f/5.6 | ISO 500

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