Thursday, May 31, 2012

Painted Bunting

 1/400 | f/8 | ISO 800
1/800 | f/8 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

Success at last! After several unsuccessful attempts in the last couple of weeks to photograph Indigo and Painted buntings at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, I finally got some images I am happy with from this morning's shoot of a very cooperative male painted. I have to give credit to another photographer that my mom and I met on Tuesday at the refuge who pointed us to this spot. It is just fantastic and filled with both species of bunting as well as other birds. Although the Indigo's are still alluding me, I hold out a lot of hope of getting some shots soon from this spot. Photographed under overcast light from a storm that passed through early this morning. The soft light really helped to bring out the vibrant colors of this bird. Both images were taken with a tripod mounted Canon 7D and 100-400mm lens.

click images to view larger size.


  1. Wow, very nice photos man. The second image is fantastic! Love everything about it......I was finally able to get an Indigo earlier today as well. They are very tough to photograph and always seem to be extremely shy. Keep it up!

  2. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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