Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday my mom and I went to the Fort Worth Nature Center to bird and for me to photograph. We spent a few hours there in the afternoon until closing. We did not see much, I saw a group of White-Throated Sparrows but was unable to get them to come into the open for a clear image. We also saw the usual belted kingfishers and wading birds as well as a few grebes. The highlight of the day though was seeing a pair of ospreys circling over the river and I was very happy to get a few decent shots of them for the first time. If I had a kayak I think I would have been able to get some better images. I very much look forward to all of the other winter migrants that will be arriving and hopefully I will be able to rev up my photography.
Hope you like this one.

Image Data:
1/1600s. | f/8 | ISO 400
Flash + Better Beamer

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