Thursday, February 4, 2010

Greater Yellowlegs in Habitat

It has been cloudy and wet most of this week, so not a lot of shooting has been done. The sun did come out Tuesday afternoon so I headed over to the reservoir for a couple of hours. I did not see much aside from the usual's, except for this Greater Yellowlegs. I was was waiting for some Savannah sparrow's to come out of some high grass ( they never did ) when I heard the yellowlegs calling overhead. I watched him land about 50-80 yards away from where I was. I started to slowly approach him using the high grasses as cover when I could. I got to within about 20 yards from him and took a few photos, this is one of them. I took a few more steps and that spooked him. Next time, now that I know he is around, I will wait at one of the pools of water or the creek and see if I cannot get a better shot. As disappointed as I was for failing to get a more frame filling image, I still like this image showing the birds surroundings.
Let me know what you think.

Image Data:
1/800s. | f/8 | ISO 400
Click image to see larger size

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