Friday, May 15, 2009

Wilson's Phalarope

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for not posting in over a week! I finally got out for some shooting yesterday afternoon at my local reservoir. When I got down to the popular feeding spot for the waders I was surprised to find about 4 Wilson's Phalarope's! I had never seen any before and was excited to add them to the species list of birds I have seen there. I crossed the shallow water over to the other side, so that the sun would be behind me, and crawled through tall grass and rocky dirt until I was at the edge of the water half hidden in grass. After awhile they moved farther away from me, so I had to crawl my way through more tall grass and rock and managed get very close to these waders, they seemed to be totally oblivious to my presence! Despite the pains of rocks jabbing me all over while laying down, I was pretty happy with my images. I plan on going back on Monday to shoot some new ducks and probably these guys again. Anyway, here is one of the better ones, hope you like it!

Specs: 1/1000th. - f/8 - ISO 250

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  1. Very cool. I'm just getting into bird photography and would love to have such species close to home in Austin.