Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Western Sandpiper

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for no new posts recently. I have been very busy lately. I did manage to get out yesterday evening to the local reservoir to try shooting wading birds for the hundredth time ( well seems like that many anyway! ). The weather was beautiful, and the light was great. So, I crawled to the edge of the water in almost knee high grass and waited. They did appear - finally! - and pretty close too, so I fired off some shots, but I needed them to come closer, about 1 yard, to get a more frame filling image. But they got spooked and this was the best I could do. I had to crop pretty heavily. Among the species I saw were Greater Yellowleg, Western Sandpiper, and Killdeer. Not a great variety but good enough for me! The Greater Yellowlegs are one of my favorite waders, I will post a image of him later. I have been trying to photograph these guys for about 6 months now! I cannot wait to return now that I have found a good strategy for getting close, took me long enough at that! Hope you enjoy.

Specs: 1/800 sec. - f/8 - ISO 200

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