Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue-Winged Teal

I went over to the reservoir yesterday afternoon to photograph some of the ducks that are still around. I waded about 10 or so feet into the chilly water and positioned myself next to some reeds and covered myself with camo netting. I did not have to wait long before a flock of coots and some teal started to get close allowing me to get some images. Unfortunately the light was not at its best and by the time it was getting better, the ducks started moving to the other end of the lake. I got a couple of keeper images but want to go back and try again in some better light. Next time I will take some bread or corn to try and lure them close when the light is right.

Image Data:
1/800s. | f/8 | ISO 400
click image to view larger size.

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