Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Blue Heron

Sorry for the recent lack in posts, I have been pretty busy and have not had much time for photography this past month. Thankfully, I was able on Friday to go to the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth with my family, a spot I have been wanting to return to but have not been able to in over a year. I went mainly to scout out the best places within the gardens to photograph wood ducks. There are streams and small ponds throughout the 109 acre gardens and I found several pairs foraging in many of them. I plan to return this week or next to focus on the wood ducks and will hopefully get to go back many times throughout the year as it looks like a very promising location, I am excited for sure. For now, here is a photo of a very cooperative GB Heron in one of the ponds, who was not very successful in catching something to eat, so thus no food in beak images! I slightly blurred the background here to give the subject some pop. I like the sense of habitat in this shot. Hope you like it.

Image Data:
1/80s. | f/8 | ISO 500
Click image to view larger size.

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